This book will act as a guide to support you throughout the whole beekeeping year with the use of examples. The Individual chapters will each cover the specifics that occur when you carry out the corresponding work stages with the help of children or school groups.


There are age recommendations, as well as specific instructions regarding dangerous situations, which could arise during beekeeping with children. Tips are provided about the hive and work materials considering the suitability for students and groups of children.


» Respectful interaction with creatures, an insight into the complexity of the living world, and the idea that every individual, even children, can contribute to the protection of our precious environment without much effort, are learning objectives which cannot be valued highly enough. If honeybees did not already exist, it would certainly be worth creating them as a topic for interesting learning and teaching responsibility and sustainability. 

The book "Beekeeping with children and school groups" is a wonderful guide and aide for experienced beekeepers who can and want to offer children more than simply letting them watch the honey extraction. «

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Tautz, Würzburg


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